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Brand Concept

Your Brand

At work I ask people all the time, “how is your brand?” Normally my question is met with an inquisitive facial expression from the person I am speaking to. Most shrug off the question as being gimmicky because they feel I deliberately interject a business term into a routine personal conversation. And I do. But I do so to make a point. How often do you, the service member, take time to think of yourself as a brand? If you have ever taken a business class, your instructor will talk at length about a company’s brand. It is the product or service they deliver and the personal care and attention they devote, day in and day out, to provide the best-possible experience to their customer.

If you think about a brand is that context, it is easy to see that service members fit into the same narrative. They deliver a product or service—or both—to their organization (the customer). How well we deliver that product or service, day in and day out, becomes their individual brand. (more…)